Monday, 13 November 2017

Life Education Van

Thank you Julie for a fun, engaging and informative session in the Life Education Bus!

We were given the opportunity to discuss not only what a drug is but the difference between legal and illegal drugs. We learnt about risks of smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol and explored through role-play the influence of our friends on decision making. We identified and learnt how to say 'No' in an assertive way.

Harold even joined us for a song at the end!

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Rainforest Animals

We have completed pictures of rainforest animals, using our observation techniques to maintain accuracy.

Monday, 9 October 2017

Water Reistance

We investigated water resistance using plasticine. Which shape do you think sank the quickest? 

Thursday, 5 October 2017

No Pens Wednesday!

We put down our pens and pencil this Wednesday to take part in 'No Pens Wednesday 2017'. A whole day of learning without doing any written recording! We even managed spelling practice without doing any writing! We thoroughly enjoyed using paper spinners to investigate air resistance and creating maze games using Scratch.

Friday, 15 September 2017

Autumn Term Communication Letter

Dear Parents/ Carers of Year 5 Pupils,

We hope that you have had a really enjoyable summer. It is lovely to be back in school and we are delighted with how quickly the children have settled in Year 5.  We hope that you find this letter and pack of information useful.

Autumn Term Curriculum

Here is an outline of some of the areas of learning that we will be covering in class this term within the topic ‘Saving the World’.

Place value (reading, writing, ordering, comparing, rounding)
Calculations (+ - x). Written and mental methods
Fractions, Decimals and Percentages
Word problems
Wordplay Poetry
Non-Chronological Reports
Persuasive Texts
Reading- our class text is ‘Journey to the River Sea’
Feel the Force
Earth and Space
What does it mean to be a Muslim in Britain today?
Why do Christians believe Jesus was the Messiah?
Programming and debugging including a STEMworks computer control workshop day on 4th December
Athletics, then  Dance (Tuesdays)
Games (Thursdays)
(English, Geography, Art, D.T.)
‘Saving the World’
This will include learning about climate zones, the water cycle, land use, trade links and improving our geographical skills.
D.T. will include designing and making a chocolate pudding and a Christmas decoration.

How you can help at home

Year 5 children will receive one Spelling and one Maths Facts homework weekly. It is really helpful if you can encourage your child to complete their homework in a quiet place where they can fully focus.
As explained in a letter from Mr Short last week the format of Maths homework has changed this year. Your child will receive a list of Maths facts to learn at home (every Wednesday) and these will be tested the following Wednesday.
Your child will learn a spelling rule each week and will receive a list of spellings that follow this rule (every Monday) which they will need to learn for a weekly spelling test on a Friday.
The children will also be tested on a list of 15 half termly spellings at the beginning and end of each half term. We would appreciate your help in supporting your child in learning these tricky words. Thank you.

As you know children hugely benefit from reading regularly, every night where possible, this is still important in Year 5. We have listened to all children read individually and recommend that they read with an adult three times every week and discuss what they have read. You can discuss unfamiliar words, talk about how characters have developed, make predictions about what might happen, talk about why an author has used a particular type of punctuation, etc. The children should use evidence from the text to justify their answers.

Thank you for your support already in using the planners. We hope that you find them useful in helping your child organise themselves. The children are using their planners to record homework tasks and important school dates but can also use it as a personal diary. Children will record their weekly spelling, maths facts  and times tables scores every week. Please could you check your child’s planner at the end of each week and sign the bottom of the page. Please feel free to make your own comments. Your child should take responsibility for asking you to check and sign it. Feel free to communicate with us through the planner, but ensure your child knows it is their responsibility to let us know there is a message. We will check and sign the homework planners each Friday.

We will have P.E sessions on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. Our Thursday PE session will be led by Jon and have a games focus. Sometimes our timetable has to change so P.E kit should be in school each day please. A reminder that PE kit should consist of: black daps/pumps/trainers, black shorts and a red or white t-shirt or polo shirt. As the weather is unpredictable it would be useful for the children to have both outdoor trainers and plimsolls (or clean trainers) as part of their kit so that we can use both the hall and outdoors. When it starts to get colder, black/navy joggers and black/red jumpers may also be needed. School PE kit should also be worn for after school clubs.

Art aprons
Children will need to have an old shirt or apron for art. Please ensure your child has one in school at all times. Thank you.

Pencil cases
School provides all the writing and drawing materials the children will need, however, they are allowed to bring in their own pencil case if they wish. The pencil case and its contents are the responsibility of the child and need to fit into their tray. This is a privilege and children may be asked to take their pencil case home if it proves to be too much of a distraction.

Planners and reading books.
Please have these in school, in the classroom, each day. Thank you.

We look forward to working closely with you. Please don’t hesitate to come and see us if you have any questions.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs Michelle Parkin and Mrs Marika Hortop

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Budding Entrepreneurs!

Year 5 have been busy this half term with their enterprise project. They had to plan a ‘healthy’ activity, suitable for every child in the school to try on enterprise morning. With a budget of just £6, each group had to advertise and promote their activity, decide on a price to charge per go, source and buy their prizes and create their own score chart. On Wednesday 28th June, each class came to try out their activities. Great fun was had by all and the Year 5s were fantastic at explaining their activities and encouraging children to have a go and spend their money! They raised an amazing £181, half of which will go to their chosen charity ‘Cancer Research’ and the other half towards school equipment. Well done Year 5, we are so proud of your wonderful teamwork and all that you have learnt throughout this project!

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Acids and Alkalis

On Wednesday 14th June Mrs Madgwick, a Science teacher from the Cotswold School, came and did a very engaging and practical Science lesson with Year 5 on 'Acids and Alkalis'. Using indicator paper and a pH scale we investigated if 15 everyday household products (eg. shampoo, vinegar, milk) were acids or alkalis. It was a very enjoyable lesson and we learnt so much! 


Monday, 15 May 2017

Computer Control Workshop Day!

Thank you so much to Mr Kettle from STEMworks for a brilliant Computer Control Workshop!
We started the morning thinking about how we use computers and how they work (inputs and outputs). We thought about definitions for what a robot is and how we use robotic things in our everyday lives. We then split into groups of 2’s and 3’s and made our 15-minute Lego EV3 robot.

Once our robots were built we were set a series of challenges. Each challenge was worth a different number of points.

Challenge 1 – STOP  (worth 20 points)
We had to start with our robots in the STEMworks box, program our robot to travel forwards in a straight line and stop with the 2 front wheels exactly on the black line at the stop sign.

Challenge 2 – PARK  (worth 30 points)
We had to start with our robot in the STEMworks box, program our robot to travel forwards to the end of the mat, turn right, travel forwards and park the whole robot inside the other STEMworks box.

We then adapted our robots, adding sensors to tell it to stop and adding sound files.

For the afternoon session we were given 3 different challenges. We had to complete as many of these, as accurately as possible, in the time given. Each challenge was worth a different number of points with 140 points in total up for grabs! We had to write and test each program. When each program was ready it was judged by Mr Kettle and we were awarded points. We had to adapt our robots to complete these challenges.

We had a brilliant day and learnt so much about computers and computer programming!