Tuesday, 13 March 2018

British Science Week 2018

To celebrate British Science Week 2018 we spent the day doing a selection of fun Science activities. Our day started investigating if what’s inside a can affects how far it rolls. Working in groups, in the new school house, we had to plan and carry out a fair test to find out the contents of unlabelled cans.

We then carried out a polar explorer planning activity where we had to plan what food to take
on an overnight field research trip in the Antarctic. We had to ensure each member of our team got 3,350 calories over the 24 hours. We only had a budget of £60!

We finished the day using Scratch to debug (fix) and improve a programme to move the Autosub6000, a type of autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV), around the ocean floor, while photographing the samples found.

Friday, 23 February 2018

Class Assembly

Thank you to everyone who joined us today for our class assembly. We hope you enjoyed the  carousel of activities, designed to demonstrate how much we have learned throughout our topic 'Lasting Legacies'.

Some of the activities included: drawing Doric, Ionic and Corinthian columns, taking a democracy quiz, hearing facts about Greek theatre and having a go at reading Greek writing. Also on display were plates that had been made, designed and decorated by the children with an Olympic theme.

Well done Year 5!

Friday, 12 January 2018

Spring Term Communication Letter

Dear Parents/ Carers of Year 5 Pupils,

Welcome back and happy new year! We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are ready for another busy term. Thank you very much for your kind messages, cards and gifts.

Spring Term Curriculum

Here is an outline of some of the areas of learning that we will be covering in class this term. 

Long multiplication
Division (whole numbers)
Different types of numbers
Decimal numbers (reading, writing, ordering, rounding) Calculations involving decimal numbers (+ - x ÷)
Percentages and fractions
Word problems
Greek Myths
Performance Poetry
Stories from a different point of view
Reading- our class text is ‘Journey to the River Sea’
Properties of Materials and Changes of Materials
What does it mean for Christians to believe that God is holy and loving?
Christians and how to live: ‘What would Jesus do?’
Using the internet with discernment
Dance and Gymnastics (Tuesdays)
Invasion game skills (Thursdays)
(History, Geog, Art, D.T.)
‘Lasting Legacies’ – learning about Ancient Greece
DT – designing and making clay cups

How you can help at home

Year 5 children will continue to complete a current affairs homework weekly. This needs to be handed in every Wednesday. They will also continue to receive a list of Maths facts to learn at home (every Wednesday) and these will be tested the following Wednesday. Your child will learn a spelling rule each week and will receive a list of spellings that follow this rule (every Monday) which they will need to learn for a weekly spelling test on a Friday.

If your child has any trouble with homework, all they need do is come and ask us (where possible before the due date).  It is also appreciated if you could help encourage children to take responsibility for their own homework. It is really helpful if you can encourage your child to complete their homework in a quiet place where they can fully focus.

The children will also be tested on a list of 15 half termly spellings at the beginning and end of each half term. We would appreciate your help in supporting your child in learning these tricky words. Please find attached to this letter the half termly spellings the children need to learn at home (and what they scored when tested on these spellings last week). These will not be taught in lessons and will be tested at the end of the half term. Thank you for your support with this – it makes a big difference.

Please continue to read regularly with your child. It is so important as children become more fluent with their reading that they understand what they have read. Please ask them questions about the characters and plot to check their understanding and encourage them to express their own opinions about a story/book. Please also encourage them to read aloud with appropriate intonation and expression, paying careful attention to punctuation marks used by the author.

The children need to use their planners to record their daily reading and their homework tasks. They will also record in their planners their spelling test score, their times tables club score and their maths facts score every week. Please could you check your child’s planner at the end of each week and sign the bottom of the page. Your child should take responsibility for asking you to check and sign it. We will collect the homework planners each Friday.

The children will continue to have their Thursday P.E. session with Jon and will also have an indoor P.E. session on Tuesday afternoons. Sometimes our timetable has to change so P.E kit should be in school each day please. As the weather is unpredictable it would be useful for the children to have both outdoor trainers and plimsolls (or clean trainers) as part of their kit so that we can use both the hall and outdoors. Joggers and jumpers may also be needed.

Planners, reading books
Please have all of these in school each day. Thank you.

Dates for your diary
Parents evenings – Tuesday 6th February and Thursday 8th February.
Poetry Performance – Friday 9th February (2.45pm)
Class assembly – Friday 23rd February (2.30pm)
Trip to Compton Verney – Friday 2nd March

Please don’t hesitate to come and see us if you have any questions.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs Michelle Parkin and Mrs Marika Hortop

Friday, 15 December 2017

Happy Christmas!

Wow! Beautiful hand sewn decorations! 

The children enjoyed designing their own Christmas decoration which they then made a template for. They used the template to cut their felt and then used thread to decorate. They all used blanket stitch around the edge before stuffing their decoration and attaching the ribbon. Many of the class found this activity very challenging, especially threading and re-threading  their needles! They were all very proud of their finished products. I am sure you will agree they are stunning!

We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!

Monday, 4 December 2017

Computer Control Workshop Day

We have had a brilliant Computer Control Workshop day with Mr Kettle from STEMworks. With excellent teamwork, problem solving and programming skills we have built Lego robots and completed a series of challenges.

We started the morning thinking about how we use computers and how they work (inputs and outputs). We thought about definitions for what a robot is and how we use robotic things in our everyday lives. We then split into groups of 2’s and 3’s and made our 15-minute Lego EV3 robot.

Once our robots were built we were set a series of challenges. Each challenge was worth a different number of points. We were given time to write and test each program, and make any improvements and adjustments needed, before they were judged by Mr Kettle and we were awarded points. For some of the challenges we had to adapt our robot by building extra attachments and adding sensors. We had an awesome day and learnt so much about computer programming!

Monday, 13 November 2017

Life Education Van

Thank you Julie for a fun, engaging and informative session in the Life Education Bus!

We were given the opportunity to discuss not only what a drug is but the difference between legal and illegal drugs. We learnt about risks of smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol and explored through role-play the influence of our friends on decision making. We identified and learnt how to say 'No' in an assertive way.

Harold even joined us for a song at the end!

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Rainforest Animals

We have completed pictures of rainforest animals, using our observation techniques to maintain accuracy.

Monday, 9 October 2017

Water Reistance

We investigated water resistance using plasticine. Which shape do you think sank the quickest?